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What is Yumeiho?
From this knowledge Saionji Masayuki developed his 100-pressure therapy as well as the pressure and kneading therapy.      
Elements of shiatsu, connective tissue massage, lymphatic  drainage, reflexology and various stretching techniques were also integrated into the concept. Yumeiho combines the Far Eastern medicine of the last 4.000 years with the knowledge of modern medicine.      
The main goal of Yumeiho therapy is the restoration of physical balance by correcting the pelvis, spine and joints and the resulting complete relaxation of the muscles. At the same time, blockages that may have been present for years are released. Yumeiho therapy thus produces a distinct feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Behrouz Rajabi, official representative of the Japanese method of Yumeiho for Germany and owner of the patent of Japanese osteopathy with over 20 years of experience.

Founder of the Institute for Japanese Osteopathy in Germany

Appointments are
available by phone at:
+4915782465001 or contact by WhatsApp
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40 minutes: only 65€

Adress: C. Diamante 23, Bloque 5, 29649 Reviera del Sol, Mijas, Málaga

or Tennis Academy Hofsäss

Home visits in the area from Benalmadena to Marbella 60 minutes for 100€.

Institut für Japanische Osteopathie - Behrouz Rajabi - Fruchtallee 56, 20259 Hamburg
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